Hey Everyone!

I promised you all that my next post would be about “the things you should do on the first day of college”, so here I am!

I know a lot of you must be excited and curious to know what exactly happen on the very first day at college. Some of you might be afraid as well may be because you don’t accept such big changes in life easily or don’t wanna leave your school friends or else, you are a socially awkward person, like me!

Let me just clear your thoughts and give you an insight of what exactly and really happens on the first day of college!


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First of all be prepared with your time table because generally that’s where the classroom allotted to you is written. Searching for the class room can be a real task on the first day but don’t worry you gotta do it!



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As soon as you reach your classroom you will find a lot of unfamiliar faces. You might feel lost and alone but that’s what pushes you to go ahead and have a word with others. You can’t really be friends with everyone you talk but still go and interact so that people at least know who you are and what your name is or even if they don’t remember your name they surely will recognize you by your face next time you meet!



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While making new friends, don’t leave your own personality behind! Because in school, more or less everybody comes from almost the same background, whereas in college you meet a lot of different people coming from different backgrounds, financial status, families, etc., in all this sometimes we forget who we really are and what we really want! In short we leave our personality BEHIND without being aware of it! So, have your calm and don’t try to be someone else rather, be who you really are because no one is YOU and that’s your POWER!



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After a few days, it might seem that you have formed a big group of ‘friends’ because the whole class walks around the college together initially but as the days pass by “Groupism” emerges and the whole class starts to divide in groups of their own, so don’t be too late to find your own group of friends, who are going to be with you for the rest of your college life!



Also, on the first day don’t forget to interact with your seniors because that’s really important. Don’t think you won’t need them throughout the college life. It’s really important to at least have a word with few of the seniors on whom you can count upon when in need! And if you don’t feel confident enough to go and talk to your seniors then become Class Representative (CR), it’s just same as becoming the class monitor. CRs act as a link between teachers and students to convey the messages to each other. And most importantly, seniors exchange their numbers with CRs to convey the messages relating to events, this is the easiest way for a shy person to become friends with the seniors.

With this excitement and anxiety your first day at the college ends!


Enjoy every bit of these three years… 🙂




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