Patanjali promotes yoga and ayurvedic products in India and abroad, at a really large-scale. Their product range is unbelievable; they sell almost everything from a toothbrush to cornflakes and from kajal to incense sticks (agarbattis).

Here are 5 patanjali products that you must have!


  1. ALOE VERA GEL (Rs.40 for 60ml and Rs.80 for 150 ml- Green Gel// Rs.50 for 60ml and Rs.100 for 150 ml- Yellow Gel)

They sell 2 types of gel a) Aloe Vera Gel (the green one) b) Kesar Chandan Gel (the yellow one). The gel acts as a moistirizer and gradually fades away the acne scars. Massage it gently on your face before you go to sleep and wash your face in the morning. But I would suggest you not to use these gels during monsoon because they can make your skin look really oily during rains.

If you have oily skin, use the green gel because it’s light and would not make your skin look oiler. And if you have dry skin, use the yellow gel because it’s moisturising powers are more comparatively.




This shampoo actually does wonders to your scalp as it starts working from the first wash and reduce the dandruff. It gives some cooling sensations too. Wash your hair twice in a week with this shampoo to actually see the results and reduced dandruff. It might make your hair a bit rough, so to avoid that use conditioner after shampoo or oil your hair properly before shampooing.



download (2)

This face wash removes all the dirt, dust and other nasty things off your face. It has carbon in it which is known to extract all the impurities. It’s highly recommended for the people with oily skin, it’s a true cleanser your skin needs when you come back home after a long working day. If you wanna see your skin in its purest and the cleanest state give this face wash a try! But if you have a dry skin you might not like it because it removes every little spot of oil from your face so you might feel even drier after using this.


  1. APRICOT FACE SCRUB (Rs.60 for 60 gm)

download (3)

Though this face scrub is the only one they sell but it is the best quality of scrub at such cheap price. The apricot beads are so tiny and fine that they are completely harmless to your skin and still remove the blackheads completely. There are a lot of face scrubs that are not able to remove black heads on nose but it does that too! After using it, skin feels super smooth and nourished and doesn’t get patchy red!

How to use: Wash your face with normal water and let it remain wet. And then gently massage this scrub on your face for good 5-7 minutes then, wash it off and viola!


  1. KANTI HALDICHANDAN BODY CLEANSER SOAP (Rs.13 for 75 gm and Rs.25 for 150 gm)


It’s a nice and light soap for skin. The thing that I really like about this soap is that it produces yellow foam for the first 5-6 baths as it claims to have haldi and chandan in it. Also, it gives you a nice, pleasant fragrance throughout the day. And it doesn’t leave the body dry, rather softens it. You should definitely give it a try!


I hope this information was useful for you!!

Stay tuned for the next post about “5 patanjali products you should not have”.


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